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Hoping to gain some clarity on the scenario below.

Is it possible to perform personalization on the first page load, when using AAM, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics & the visitor ID service/ Marketing Cloud Shared Audiences?


A user goes to a website, on a brand new device. Here they qualify for an evar1 = display_campaign.

We have server side forwarding enabled from AA to AAM.

Since I'm sharing the AAM segment for my trait that captured evar1, to Adobe target via the marketing cloud shared audiences/ visitor ID service.

Will Target be able to recognize this segment and load an activity before the first page has completed loading? Or is it only possible on the next page load?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

You need to ensure that sequence of calls firing on the page are in required order.
Vis ID call should be first, then target and then AA call. Target will be able to deliver the experience if it receives the segment info prior to complete page load.

If the segment qualification is being done asynchronously, then you can make an mbox update call asynchronously.


Varun Kalra

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Answers (2)




When using AAM or real time audience in people core service audience library, it is possible to do personalization on next hit / page load. Same hit / page load  personalization can be done with audience created in Target directly.