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Deleting existing traits that are connected to segments


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Hoping for some clarification on any errors I may encounter in the following scenario.


Say I have 10 traits that are outdated and need to be delete entirely.

Each trait is currently connected to various segments.

The segments contain other active traits, so I would like to keep the segment itself.


Am I able to delete each of these traits, even though they are connected to various segments? Do segments automatically update if a connected trait is removed? Or is it the case that I would need to update each segment individually to remove the connected traits that I want to delete, and THEN go and delete the trait?


Any clarification on this process would be helpful. Thanks!

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Hi @nvant ,


We cannot delete a trait until and unless all existing mappings are removed. In this particular case, we first need to remove the trait from existing segment expressions and then only we will be able to delete.


We have BAAAM tool available to perform bulk operations using our Rest APIs. For more information on BAAAM, please refer to link below:






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You can also go in to each of the traits you want to remove, go to the 'segments with this trait' section at the bottom, export segments rules to CSV, and then make the changes manually before loading to BAAAM


SUSBSTITUTE formula is handy for this if you have a new trait you want to substitute in, or use find/replace (remember to remove the AND OR NOT operator and commas).