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It would be very helpful to be able to download the results of a data explorer report (csv, xls, ect...). This would allow end users to filter. The current set up if not user friendly and scrolling is a huge waste of time.


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That would be so nice! I actually made a write up of how to pull this data from dev tools today because I ran into the same issue. Hope this helps!

Steps to export data from Data Explorer:

  1. Fist Navigate to the Data Explorer. Audience Data > Signals
    1. Click “View All

2. Open your Network Console (Inspect or Ctrl+Shift+I in Chrome)

    1. Press the “Preserve Log” box:logs.png
    2. Refresh the page

3 Select the Real-Time Signals Type

    1. Example is for Adobe Analytics:
      1. Filter to your desired Report Suite:
      2. Report.png

4 Scroll all the way down in the Network panel

    1. You should see a call for “?sortBy=suite” Immediately followed by “list”
    2. filter.png

5 Click the “Response” tab within the “List” call:

  1. Now Copy the entire response – This will be the first 50 Key-Value Pairs listed in the Signals/Data Explorer table in JSON.

6 Convert JSON to CSV with

    1. Copy the JSON response and paste into Step one of the link above
    2. Next select “Format JSON” button
    3. Deselect “Include header in first row” from the Step 2 Choose output options dropdown
      1. If your key value pairs in the Data Explorer contain any commas, choose a different “Output Field Separator”
    4. Click the “Convert JSON to CSV” button
    5. Copy Result Data into an excel file.

7 Note - the list call in the Network tab will only give you the first 50 rows of the data explorer. To get the full table, you need to scroll to the bottom of the data explorer table within the AAM UI, and repeat steps 5 & 6 for each list response. Example below:


8 Parse the fields in Excel

    1. The Keys & Values will now be separated by a comma unless you chose a different delimiter in step 6.c.i.
    2. Text to columns row A by commas
    3. Then Row A will become your Keys & Row B are the values to create any traits. Row E is the number of signals hits in the Data Explorer view.



I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks!



Thanks for this. I managed to get this to work but doing 50 at a time is not an option. There are far to many signals to pull 50 at a time.

An "Export All" would solve the problem.