Audience Manager - Segment full delete function for Admins



Currently deleting a segment can be a pain for a number of reasons

1) A segment cannot be deleted because it is mapped to one or more destinations

2) A segment cannot be saved if it contains traits from a disabled third party feed to remove those destinations

I would like a single click (with a confirmation dialogue) to remove the segment completely rather than complete a number of manual functions before I can delete a segment.

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This carries across traits and models as well. In order to delete a model you have to first delete the segment and the delete the trait.  It is quite time consuming.




The single click (with a confirmation dialogue) is still quite risky in a production environment probably why we don't offer this straight from the UI so having a smaller set of people doing these tasks through the API / BAAAM is safer.

That being said I see the pain point, good 'idea' to make on this forum.



I think the pain level of clearing out data in general in AAM is sufficient to have a feature where we can delete an item and remove and delete any associated items. BAAAM does not offer a direct solution to this issue. Agree that its a slightly dangerous feature hence the suggestion that this feature only be available to Admins AND/OR additional safe guards are implemented. This would save me 10's of hours in my current clean up project of a very large instance of AAM.