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Audience Manager Organization --> Folders | Tags | Improved Search Functionality


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I work heavily in Audience Manager and here is my primary pain point. 


I need to add multiple Segments both Raw and Analytics based to create a final Audience (for the purposes of personalization). 


I would like to organize my Audiences in such a manner that allows me search by tags or by folders or an additional search functionality . 


The current search functionality is clunky at best and there is no way search or organize these Audiences in an effective manner. 


Thank you. 





Level 2


The search functionality is incredibly poor. It won't find two separate words in a space separate string unless they're consecutive, it won't find two words in a symbol separated string either, it can't use regex rules either. It won't look for matches in the description either.

We sometimes need to define segments with a large number of traits, and finding them all at once is impossible, so we have to revert to a very manual and time consuming one by one selection.


- Improve in-string search

- Add regex rules

- Allow search in title and description


Level 5


Have you tried using the BAAAM tool to pull a list of all your traits? You could then use Excel’s search function to find what you need.