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will adobe analytics impact page slowness?


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IMF_Org_Page_load.pngWe are reaching out to you to assist us with identifying and seeking a solution to the Page loading issue which is happening intermittently in IMF.Org Website in the recent past. This hits the performance of the website and the page keeps spinning. On refresh, the page load properly again and this is reproducible in lower environments as well.





Users are facing intermittent issue on loading the pages of https://www.imf.org/ site. This behavior is across the site and it is not consistent.

We are analyzing on the page load information and could see the calls to Linked in is taking time and this could be one of the reason for the spinning issue.




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Adobe is generally loaded asynchronously... it should have no render blocking impacts against other resources... 


Similarly, that linkedIn call is just a tracking pixel.. neither of those should have a big impact on your page load....



I'm not sure exactly how you have configured your tracking, but I am guessing that your Adobe code is trying to read data from gateway.min.js... so this sounds a bit like a race condition.... Sometimes Adobe is loading faster than your file, and therefore the file isn't available for the information.


You may need to dig into your implementation... maybe use a custom trigger to wait until after gateway.min.js is loaded before executing whatever code is trying to read from it?