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Where did my version history go? (Project: Previous Version)


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I have a dashboard with many months of work done.  A co-worker made some changes yesterday and I need to back out a couple things.  No prob right? Open Previous Versions and just open something prior.


Except... nope!  The ONLY thing in version history is ONE days worth (29 items total).  Where is the 90 day history, as mentioned here???

Save projects | Adobe Analytics

"Versions without notes are stored for 90 days; versions with notes are stored for 1 year."


Oh really?  Where are my other 89 days, Adobe?  


Anyone else ever see similar issues with the Previous Version feature?

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Hi @dapug1,

You could start by checking the date of creation for that project, Is it the same original project or your co-worker saved it as a new project altogether?

If it is the original project and the Previous Version option is not working as expected, I would recommend you to raise a support ticket with Adobe Analytics team. Support Engineers with impersonation access will have more visibility on this issue and can therefore help you effectively. 


You can raise a client care ticket through Admin Console provided you have Support Admin right in your Organization. 


This can be done by logging in to Admin Console, Go to Support and Create a Case.





Alternatively, you can ask the Support Admin in your Org to log a ticket on your behalf and add you as a watcher.


You can also call on Adobe Support phone number and request help: https://helpx.adobe.com/entp/enterprise-phone-numbers.html. 

Hope this is helpful. Cheers!