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Web + App property


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How to collect data from a website and a mobile application  on Adobe Analytics ?

I would like to know if it's possible to collect data from both on the same property.



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It absolutely is.. you don't really have to do anything special, just send the data to the same suite.


Some advice:

  • Set up a prop or evar (hit level) to track data coming from web or app so that you can easily segment the data
  • Make sure that all your tracking is in-sync...send the same type of data to your prop1, or prop2, or eVar2; trigger the events in the same context (or if there is functionality on the web that isn't in the app, or vice versa - make a event that clearly indicates where the action is used)
  • Make sure your naming conventions are the same, so that the data will roll up - and can be segmented by the prop/evar I mentioned in my first post (sadly actions will have a difference... App Actions all append "AMACTION:" to the start, there is no way to stop this from happening.. (maybe one day we can get that garbage removed....)
  • Since you will need to use processing rules to set your app data, and you don't want to risk impacting web data, I always add a condition to my app processing rules (a.appid is set) and I clearly label all APP specific rules as "App: "


Adobe is super easy to create all-in-one suites... then with that same prop/eVar I mentioned in my first post, you can also create virtual suites to isolate "web only" and "app only" data from the combined suite... so users can easily pull from all, or the specific platform easily without needing to always pull in segments (though if you want to use the segments as a dropdown to easily use one report to see the data in different context, this is also a really powerful way to report).


Let me know if you have any additional questions.