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Variable (evar, props, etc.) Audit/Sample Report Builder


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Its been a while, but I remember seeing a report builder type of report that would show you the top 5 values for eVars/Props.  Is there a link and/or download to see?  Trying to do a audit of all the eVars/Props.  

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Level 4

Hey @egolf - The Analytics Health Dashboard dives deep into a single report suite and provides a view into data collected in every component (eVar, prop, and event). This can help point out if data has stopped and should help you with your report as well. You can read more : https://spark.adobe.com/page/tnNQGNlfzta3b/ Also, you can download it here : https://assets.adobe.com/public/9549dbe7-765a-4899-77b8-85cbba1a4252 


Additionally : 

  • The Marathon Dashboard runs across all report suites in the organization and reports on component settings to help us ensure we are measuring consistently cross-suite.