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UTM parameters configuration incase of Apps


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Need assistance on below pointers:
1. What is the best approach to configure campaign parameters in case of apps? Can we configure UTM parameters or campaign context data in lifecycle metrics call itself.
2. If there is any Mobile SDK Implementation document to configure marketing channel campaign parameters in lifecycle metrics server call for android and iOS app.


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Hey @Saloni_Gakhar This kind of tracking can be done AppsFlyer integration. I'm unsure if this can be passed as context data in lifecycle call. I think the best approach would be Appsflyer and you can check the following documentation: - https://support.appsflyer.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003326706-Adobe-Analytics-integration-with-AppsFl...



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Hi @Saloni_Gakhar,


We collect our UTM and ITM campaigns in our apps directly. At this time, since we haven't got any context variables on our Lifecycle metrics, we actually track them on the page where the URL points to.


Now, in my case, we track the "URL" of our app pages. So just like on the web, the tracked URL will contain the parameters when they exist. But, on top on this, I worked with our app developers to extract and pass me each parameter as a context variable (but I also track a visit level eVar for each UTM on top of the Tracking Code (s.campaign / eVar0).


So now my Tracking Code and Custom eVars all work, and most Marketing Channels also work.. I say "most" since there are challenges here... one, I had to create a special rule for paid search, since apps don't track referrers, and thus my paid/natural search rules don't trigger (so I had to make a rule looking for the paid campaigns regardless of coming from a known search engine)... and anything Organic also doesn't get covered (again due to lack of referrer data).


And since I mentioned it above, I also have a custom tracking for our internal campaigns, to try and replicate what we have in our website as close to one-to-one as possible.