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Calculated Metric using percentage increase


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I'm trying to create a calculated metric based on a percentage increase over an existing metric.


For example, I want to calculate a 10% increase over page visits in the same month last year. So let's say there were 10,000 page visits in April 2023, and I want the metric to spit out the answer to 10,000 + 10%.


If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!



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You should be able to make a calculated metric with the metric of interest and a static number.



Static Number 1.10


That would result in being 10% more than what the value currently is for your time period. If you want it to be based on last year's number you would either need to just set the panel date range to last year or use a custom date range for that row/column.


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Hi, would my assumption be correct that you might be trying to create a rolling target, based on a 10% increase from the previous month... so it's not "locked" to a specific value like 10,000... 



  • Jan: actual traffic was 10,000, so the target for Feb would be a 10% percent change (i.e. 11,000)
  • Feb: actual traffic exceeded the budget, and was 13,452, so the target for March would be something like 14,797
  • etc


Basically, instead of calculating the actual percent change between two numbers:



You want to know what V2 should be, based on a percent change of 10%?


I believe this is the basic formula you would need:




Note: this is just based on the current date range of the panel...  I didn't build any date control into the calculation... 


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Or just multiply by 1.10 as @MandyGeorge  said... I don't know why I over complicated it lol.. long day I think.