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Uploading Matched ID's into a Segment Through Saint Files?


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Hello! What do you think the best approach to this business problem is? 


At the beginning of the year, we started collecting customer IDs within Adobe in a custom evar. We now have a PowerBi dashboard that receives a daily export from Adobe with all the customer IDs that visited the website within a day. The dashboard then ingests in-store customer purchase data and matches back customers who purchased in-store to customers who visited the website within 7 days. 


I want to take those matched customer IDs and put the data back into Adobe so I can analyze the website behavior of customers who shopped in-store. I know I could do a custom segment, but that's pretty manual. I'm hoping to export out of PowerBI for each fiscal week and upload those IDs back into Adobe to create a segment of some sort. What would be the best approach here? 


I eventually need to be able to answer questions like:

1. What marketing channel converts the most amount of people to instore purchasers?

2. What pages were visited most by customers who shopped in-store?

3. Were the specific features that most in-store shoppers interacted with, like the store map or store locator page?


I appreciate all the help!


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You should be able to apply classifications under your Customer ID eVar through the classification importer... You would need a classification for each variant, since a classification can only hold a single value, but maybe that is all you need? If you are just trying to identify "in-store purchaser"


So let's say you had these customers:





Let's say you identify 1234 as such a person, you could flag you classification as "true"


But the problem here would be, this is basically an all time mapping, as opposed to each individual in-store purchase....



You might be better off looking at importing real data, about those in-store purchases, using Data Sources.


While this example uses Importing GA, it could be modified to use any custom data source.



This way, assuming you have the information about the in store purchase, you could have revenue, product info, quantities, and importantly timestamps for use with pulling reports within whatever time frame you need to review.