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Unable to login using Adobe Report Builder plug in on new excel instance


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I am unable to login using the Adobe Report Builder plug in after receiving a new laptop. I can log in and access all reports and admin functions from the web but the plug in keeps returning "You must have access to at least one company to use Report Builder."


Any help on this?



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2 things,

- Make sure your user profile in Adobe cloud has provisioned you with Report builder access

- make sure your IT allows port 443 to be open 


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I've had this issue in the past. After uninstalling and re-installing, it worked for me. I know it wasn't a permissions thing because id used it before.

Thanks Nick.


Now I need to figure out how to uninstall this thing. Using new excel so it was added through the add-on manager.


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Hello @TJC0000000000000000000001 , I hope you're not trying this on a MAC. When I attempted to sign in to the Adobe Report Builder plugin in Microsoft Excel on MAC via add-ins, it returned an error message stating, 'You must have access to at least one company to use Report Builder.' It seems Report Builder plugin isn't currently supported on macOS. However, I had success when I tried it on Windows.




I am trying this on a Windows device. But good call out for Mac vs Windows. However, that error you show is exactly what I am getting as well. 

I'm trying to work with my IT team to remove the plugin from excel and re-install. Fingers crossed but IT is going to take awhile.