Tracking various domain mappings and/or vanity URL's



How do I set up the basic tracking of a vanity URL or root domain mapping/redirect, for example,

Does this automatically get captured as a referrer to the page it is pointing at or is there a way to configure a report so I can tell mow much traffic a page is getting from a mapping?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



What I like to do in this case is have the redirect file master take your vanity and append a tracking ID to it.     TO

2 things can happen here.

You can create a campaign sub break down of MURL/vanity url traffic based on any naming methodology you like. Use SAINT to upload and modify it.

The ID in this case external ID type now can allow you to pass evar data of users journeys after hitting the destination URL(via the vanity) this eliminates issues where server redirects mess up tracking. This is great to show campaign impact on traffic and even subsequent events users fire. Great in creating campaign segments.

Good luck

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Answers (2)



I'm working in AEM 6.3. I'm trying to extend the default behavior of vanity URLs such that the following will happen:

I had extended the base page component (template component)and trying to add a new field for I.D in the dialog so that authors have a authoring field in page properties.

So I'd be extending the default page properties vanity functionality to include an ID.

1) User navigates to vanity URL and is redirected to actual URL

2) ID that is associated (and authorable) is appended to the URL


Vanity URL: /foobar

ID: 123(authored)

Actual URL:

Now when I hit the vanity url it should redirect to:

Resulting URL:

I've been able to modify the page properties to include a new field associated with the vanity URL in the UI. It doesn't appear to be saving the actual value though.

I can add a completely new multifield with both Vanity and I.D fileds in it but how to make this work and how to append the authored I.D to the URL is what i trying to figure out.




Also if you can include DTM or Base SC Code into Vanity, please include the same and do the redirection after the SC Code load or onload. This will also help!

Note that if you do, both vanity and landing URL will be captured as 2 different pages.