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Track Product Recommendation at the time of Purchase


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Hi Everyone, We set up eCommerce tracking and at the time of order confirmation we are capturing product ids. In order confirmation page, there is a list of recommended product and we also want to capture recommended product id.


Any thoughts ?  how can we capture recommended product ids at the time of purchase.

** Adobe target is not used for recommendation



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Why not just pass these as separate products by with a different custom event for "recommended content"... if you aren't using the "category" part of the products notation, you could even pass a distinguishing value between actual purchases and recommended.


I know the whole purchase event will "apply to all", but if you don't pass quantity or price as part of the recommended items, and use a merchandising event to indicate "recommended content", you may also want to create a merchandising event for actual purchases too, then you have very clear ways to distinguish them and pull reports.... 



So let's say on a purchase, you have 2 items being purchased, and 1 item recommended:

s.events = "purchase,event1,event2";
s.products = "purchase;product 1;1;9.99;event1=1;eVar1=something 1|eVar2=something else 1,purchase;product 2;1;6.97;event1=1;eVar1=something 2|eVar2=something else 2,recommended;product 3;;;event2=1;eVar1=something 3|eVar2=something else 3"


You don't necessarily need the eVars, but I assume you are capturing some details on product details views, or add to carts that you may want consistent....


In this scenario, event1 and event2 are created as numeric events, so that they can explicitly count against only the product in context (event1 on purchases, event2 on recommended products).


You can then use event2 to pull up a list of all of your "recommended items"


If you use the Purchase event, you will see both, as it's applied on the entire purchase, which is why I added event1 for "purchases" that you can use to pull just purchased items...  You can also use event2 to show recommended content maybe on Add to Cart actions, or from product detail pages, or other places in your site....



For more info on products list, see:



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Thanks @Jennifer_Dungan. Yeah agree with your points. We tried with the same approach using AA product string builder but only issue is - we created 2 separate rules one for binding event1 and event2 . In this scenario product id is triggering twice.

because both rule will have separate products configuration.


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Hmmm... I don't actually use the extension AA Product String... so you are saying that the purchased product gets triggered twice in the implementation? Or that product is overwritten between the two copies of the rules?


We are using products for about 10-15 different purposes, as the only dimension that allows merchandising events and eVars, so I think our implementation is likely one of the most complex out there.... which is one of the reasons why I didn't use that extension... but that does put me at a disadvantage to support the issue you are experiencing...


However, from a tracking perspective, I still believe this would be the best way to track... it would make reporting easier by being able to show detail views, add to cart, checkout, purchase, recommendations, etc all in one view, with specific merchandising events to use in that table