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Target Activity > Experience Segments


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I am currently working on a dashboard that has aggregated multiple Target Activity > Experience tests. For this exercise, I created a segment that aggregated all the control groups across the test and I also created a group for all the exposed audiences. (I know this is not the best practice, but the client wants an aggregated dashboard).


After I created these groups, I noticed something off, when I put these segments into a freeform and then add Target Activity > Experience as a subgroup, I am noticing Test Activity > Experience line items that were not included in the segment. Does anyone know what the issue may be and how to fix it?

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Hi @pszew93,


This is a great question and a problem that has caught me as well. 


Target experiences persist, so a user may qualify for multiple experiences. If you create a segment looking for users that are in Activity 1 and then filter for all Target experiences, you should see all other qualified activates.  


As for fixing it, the best way that I know is to use a filter for your subgroup.