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Sort Data in Adobe Analytics Workspace


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I want to see specific id data in Adobe Analytics workspace. In that I want page url across visits and that page urls is sort by dates.


Is there any way we can achieve this in analytics workspace? 

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Hi @Nupur ,

Not possible out-of-the box unless you have any custom implementation that can be used as a logic. Also, dimension based sorting is not possible.


Community Advisor

There are 2 ways that you could try to achieve this:

1. Dates as rows

Drag "Day" into your table as the first column. Then for each day, drag your Page URL dimension under it. Biggest disadvantage is that you have to breakdown each and every day that you want to analyse.

2. Dates as columns

Drag your Page URL dimension into your table as the first column. Drag your desired metric into that table. Drag "Day" under that metric. AA automatically shows the first 5 days in decreasing order of your metric's total. If you want to show specific days, click the "Day" in the left rail's dimension selector, then drag each day under the metric and arrange the days as desired. Biggest disadvantage is that if you want to show a lot of days, then you'll have to tolerate very narrow columns.