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Set up two different marketing channel processing rule sets for marketing channel manager in Adobe Analytics


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Hi fellows,


since my company has two different ways to classify our Marketing Channels I would like to apply multiple marketing channel processing rules sets for one report suite. Is this possible? If not, are there other ways (like classification rule builder, etc.) to duplicate my marketing channel logic like in this example?


Existing Channel structure 1:

-SEA, SEO, CRM, Direct, etc.


Second Channel Structure 2 I'd like to set up:

- SEA Brand, SEA Non Brand, Email, SEO, Direct, etc.


Eventually I'd like to get another split of Channels besides the Last Touch Channel Dimension. So maybe Last Touch Channel 1 and Last Touch Channel 2 which ist based on the same report suite but on different processing rules. Or are there any workarounds you can recommend to achieve this target vision?

Thanks in advance for your help!




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You might need to go with the Classification route.

Marketing Channels work on a "waterfall" basis: once a hit has been processed by a Marketing Channel Processing Rule, it doesn't get processed by subsequent Marketing Channel Processing Rules.