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Hi all,

We are trying to create a calculated metric for "Server Calls" as we have started to see a rapid growth in server calls but cannot place what is causing it.

Is there any logic that that anybody knows of that to make this in workspace?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Sum of Server Calls = Page Views + Exit Links Instances + Download Links Instances + Custom Links Instances.

see here: What constitutes a server call?

add all metrics to a table and invedtigate it by dimensions as needed (must be done for each report suite on its own)

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



The server call is a report onto its own.

What I would first do to try and find growth cause is I would  start with looking at a key metrics report...

Look at base KPIs PVs, UVs, Visits to identify trend and see when spike started.

Once you have timeline then look at a pages report to see if that gives you any indication to a specific page or page(s)

Once you identify key pages, look at them to see if things like double beacon firing is a culprit...



For server calls usage investigation/visualization in Workspace, you can create calculated metric as:

ROW SUM metrics (Page Views + Exit Links Instances + Download Links Instances + Custom Links Instances)

or just easily use Occurrences metric.