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SEO showing up on Asset tracking code


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I have created a segment to only show me asset tracking codes if it hits on specific asset tracking codes and nothing else. However, I realized when I tried to dig deeper by dragging asset tracking code dimension under my segment, some of the data is showing "SEO" which is out of the norm and against the rules of my segment. 


Does anyone has any explanation on this anomaly?


Thank you.


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I'm not sure exactly what you mean?


Is it you have a segment looking for "A" or "B" but are also getting "SEO"?


How is your segment built? Likely you have the wrong scope which is leading to returning more data than expected.


If you can provide some more details it would be easier to help you.


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Hi Jennifer,


Thanks for your interest in my question. Yes, you are right. I can't really attach a screenshot due to my company policy but I will try to illustrate the issue here to give you more context.



I have created the segment: Only include Visit for the following: Asset tracking codes contains all of "A_Brand" AND Asset tracking codes contains "B_USA". 


Therefore in theory, if I use this segment, only asset tracking codes (or CIDs) that contains "A_Brand" and "B_USA" should appear under this segment.


However, when i break down the segment by Asset tracking codes, a row named "SEO" is shown.


I hope this helps in clarifying the issue I am facing now.


Thank you



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As I suspected... VISIT is the problem....


Visits can have multiple tracking codes.... your segment is pulling back ALL pages from those visits..


Let's look at an example within the same visit:

  • User starts in Facebook, they see a post and follow that
  • Page A is opened with tracking code "fb"
  • Now the user is curious, so they open up Google and do a search for similar content, they click on a link to your website
  • Page B is opened with tracking code "gs"
  • They now view Page C, Page D and Page E (all associated to "gs" though the last touch attribution)
  • While they are on that page, they get your newsletter, there's an article there they are interested in and they click on it
  • Page F is opened with tracking code "n"


If your segment is:


    tracking code equals "gs"



All three pages above will be returned, they are all part of Visit "X", and at some point in that visit, tracking code was "gs"


If you are coming from Google Analytics background, you might be thinking, "but each tracking code use triggers a new visit...." 

The answer is "no, Adobe doesn't work like that... Visits are determined by active usage. So long as the user is not inactive for more than 30 mins, the page views are all part of the same Visit"


If you only want to see pages that are explicitly tied to "gs" (Page B, C, D and E), you will need to use a HIT level segment:



    tracking code equals "gs"