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Segment sharing when working with virtual reporting suites


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Maybe something obvious but I'm fairly new to Adobe Analytics. I'm facing the following issue with segment sharing:


  • For a project, we have set-up a global reporting suite that measures all "national" sites for a brand.
  • For each national site, we have created a virtual reporting suites for users of each national entity.
  • Local users do not have access to the global reporting suite..
  • As a central team, we would like to create general segments that local users can also apply at their own level (e.g. users who viewed product A, users who completed a lead form).
  • If I create a segment based on the global reporting suite (as a source) and then share it with the local users - they can't use it. They will get an error message because the segment is linked to global reporting suite while users only have access to their "local" virtual reporting suite.


  • It seems not possible to switch source (like for project templates)

So my question is how to achieve that? I.e. being able to create and share segments created with a global reporting suite to users who have only access virtual reporting suites?

(other than granting access to all users to the global RS or to create the segment for each VRS :))


Thank you inadvance. 




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Unfortunately, the permissions are as you surmised.. 


If the Segment is created at the global suite level, then the permissions are explicitly connected with that suite... at least right now...


You will have to make the decision to either grant users access to the main global suite, or creating copies of the segments for each Virtual Suite.... 


I logged an Idea for improving Component Behaviours / Sharing.....
please "like" it to get some traction.. but this is still a ways off (if ever picked up by Adobe).



Here may be a crazy third option for your scenario:

Create a fake suite (one without data), create the segments as though they are for the global suite, but use the fake suite as the "owner". Give all users access to the fake suite (called something like "Don't Use"). Or Create a "Fake" Virtual Suite (with all the dimensions and metrics named but have it basically pull no data)


Then with permissions to the fake suite, they should be able to access components, and use them on whichever virtual suite they have access to....


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Thank you for your answer. 

Doesn't really look good for my issue but at least I'm reassured I didn't overlook or miss something

I have voted for your idea of improvements.


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Yeah, the situation isn't ideal unfortunately... any "solution" will have down sides....