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Send selective data(eVars,props and events) to a report suite


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We have 2 report suites one for mobile app specific data and a global report suite which has data coming in from multiple report suites.On mobile app report suite, all the data is getting captured correctly. We want to send only some selective data(like eVar1,eVar2,prop1,event1) to the global report suite from the mobile property and do not want to send other variables to global. How can I do this configuration in Adobe Launch extension?


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@Riri1 To send only selective data to your report suite via Mobile SDK you will need to configure a library and make some rules in it.
eg- Suppose you want to send some variable to the report suite in a pageview call (trackState) than in rule you need to use 'TrackState' event type under MobileCore extension and then in Action you need to use 'AttachData' action type by selection MobileCore extension. Context data pane will appear on right where you can configure the variable to be sent by fetching there value from data elements. 

Note:- I am assuming that you have already configure the global report suite in the environment in which you will be building the library.


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Hi @amgup, The setup is already done and all the data is getting captured correctly in mobile app report suite. But, what I want is send only some evars like eVar1, eVar2, prop2, event 1 data to global report suite. I don't want to send all the data that I am capturing on mobile to be sent to global. Also, the app is a progressive web app so we use DCR for tracking and not the SDK.




The appropriate solution here would be to get VISTA rule created which could help in getting the unwanted data excluded coming from a specific app except the variables you want to capture in Global report suites.


As you are using Launch and have configured both mobile and global report suites in the Analytics Extension, server calls would be firing with both the report suites included hence data will be captured into both the report suites. We can suggest to create the rules and fire the global and mobile report suite only when evar1, prop1 gets fired in a separate server call but that might increase the server call consumption of yours.

Processing Rules can also be suggested as a solution but if you create any processing rule to overwrite/delete the value of variable you do not want to capture in global report suite, it might affect other domains/apps data as the rule would work for the entire data coming to global report suite irrespective of the domains/apps.