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Segmentation Challenge


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Hi Community,


I have a challenging segmentation requirement. I'm wanting to analyse user behaviour (hits) prior to a specific event. As an example, if a visitor has created an account, I only want to see their activity up to that point, filtering out any subsequent hits/visits.


I started down sequentials, but it doesn't seem like the right solution. Any thoughts or experience with a similar requirement?

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While I don't currently have a similar requirement... this should be doable using the "Only Before Sequence" option... the problem here is that the contain must have at least 2 conditions separated by a "then" (which might remove one addition page from your segment.


In theory you could create a segment at the visitor level, add a "visit" level container, and create a sequence:




When you use "then", a new icon will appear that allows you to dictate additional filtering, such as only before sequence..




in theory, this should pull back all data for visitors that completed a "create account" flow, but only contain the pages and hits that occurred before they went to create account page and created their account.


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Splendid! I'll give this a whirl, thanks Jennifer