s.tl() and bounce rates




I have a question about the s.tl() function and how or if it affects bounce rates.

* Let say i have a site with a standard s.t() fire to track the page view.

* 5 seconds after page load, we'll update some evar variable, then call the s.tl() function to push a custom value for the user.

* The user leaves the page.

With the above, there will be two beacon fires.  Will that user/page view be considered a bounce?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi bennyl55719097,

There are two ways of how Bounce Rate can be calculated. The preconfigured Bounce Rate metric will not consider the scenario as a bounce. However, you may want to build another Bounce Rate metric to exclude s.tl calls from calculation so that only page views are taken into account. The formula is Single Page Visits divided by Entries.

Let me know if that helps.