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Running a Campaign only in US, but the report shows many other countries


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Just want to check, as we are running the paid social campaigns only in US, but the adobe analytics report shows many other different countries, wanted to make sure does this happen and why? And is there any solution to resolve this.


Thanks in Advance

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There could be multiple reasons such as people outside US geo region can see the campaigns, visitors using VPN, IPs reallocated. You can work with support to identify the root cause.


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Hi, Thanks for the input. Can it be due to bot?




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I have seen this behaviour where paid campaigns are purchase by a company like yours via an agency.


The agency then uses a "middleman' company to then purchase more audience. These middlemen companies are often buying from large impression providers who are using audiences from all over the world and very un-targeted audience wise.


The main thing to combat this type of problem is ensure the social campaign tool used is specifying geo targeted impression restrictions that apply best to you.


This should then remove alot of fluff useless users and help you improve your spend to more geo targeted users. It wont wipe all foreign users like noted by Khurshia but should reduce it significantly.




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Thanks for posting your query.


Can you try pulling a report from Data Warehouse with IP address? Try this with any one or two campaign IDs (I'm assuming you are segregating paid social traffic by using query parameters in the landing page URLs).


Now, perform the below steps:

1. find the % traffic coming from countries outside US

2. filter the IP addresses which are showing up under locations outside US and find the IP owner through 3rd party sites like WhosmyIP


Mostly, it will be due to VPN or bots.


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Hey @cpahwa11  - 


If your ad is targeted at the country level, it may show to people searching on the country-specific Google domain corresponding to that country, even though their IP addresses are outside the selected area.


The reason your ads show to users outside your target location is that by default, your target areas are set to show to users who are also interested in your location. What this means, is that if you're running an ad for, say, “Best Hotels In New York”, then this setting, by default, might be quite a good idea.
And also, it can be due to VPN or bots.