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Reporting on 2 different A/Bs Target tests within 1 Workspace


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Hi All,


I am trying to report on 2 separate tests '375' & '422':

  • '375' - interacted with at product details page
    • Exp A - 70k
    • Exp B - 68k
    • Exp C - 68k
  • '422' - interacted on the homepage
    • Exp A - 68k
    • Exp B - 68k

I have built a Segment within AA that combined the 2 (Target Activities.PNG)

however this seems to generate greater/peculiar numbers for each Experience:

  • Exp A - 85k
  • Exp B - 80k
  • Exp C - 51k

Can anyone advise on how to best report against the two tests? Ideally, I'd like to see metrics that display all of the possible combinations (below) between the two tests:

  1. Exp A & Exp A
  2. Exp A & Exp B
  3. Exp B & Exp A
  4. Exp B & Exp B
  5. Exp C & Exp A
  6. Exp C & Exp B
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Is it possible the use of "equals any of" is the culprit? I believe the delimiter there is the space.... so you are really saying:


Any of "422" or "interacted" or "on" or "the" or "homepage"

Meaning that ANY "Target Activity" that contains ANY of those words is included.....


Why not just use:

Target Activity equals "422 - interacted on the homepage"


Target Activity equals "375 - interacted with at product details page"


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Unless the delimiter is comma... I have had issues getting "equals any of" to work consistently... but since you only seem to be passing one item in each row, I don't know why you would need to use "any of" to begin with....


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Hi Jennifer,


Thank you ever so much for your suggestion. In some cases that would work however here, changing 'equals an of' to 'equals' garners the same result as it's only one value I'm entering (as opposed to a list).


Thanks again,