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Report Suite build date configuration


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hi everyone, i have a question on why my report suite still capturing previous Adobe Launch Build Date even if I have set my date today, example is February 27.




i have a more latest build date which is February 26, and wonder why the February 5 build date is still captured resulting to the unspecified value which I already fixed.




thank you


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Community Advisor and Adobe Champion

Hi @avocadoLover20221,

There's a couple things I can think of that might be happening here. The first is that the build date could be caching, and the visit is picking up an old version.

The other thing is, if you're capturing this in an evar with a 'last touch' allocation, if someone comes to the site and does a hit where the build date doesn't fire, it would retain the last seen evar value. Is your build date being captured in a prop or an evar? And does it fire on every hit (page views and custom links)?


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Hi, I am capturing my buildDate using an evar and it does fire on every hit such as page views and link clicks,


Community Advisor

It could be coming from cached pages too, but that's probably too much traffic for that.


How are you setting the build date into your dimensions? Maybe there is an issue there, or maybe if you are using a Data Element the retention is set incorrectly (and not allowing the new values to be written)?

Hi, I am setting the buildDate by getting it from the _satellite.buildInfo.buildDate in my data layer. and it is stored in a Data Element with a storage duration of Page Views.


Community Advisor

Ok, so even if you had a long expiry, that code should set it every time and supersede the expiry anyway.


Are you using Adobe hosted? Or your own hosting solution for your production environment? If your own, perhaps you have caching enabled on the files that requires a manual reset to ensure that your entire cloud distribution is loading the latest file as opposed to the cached version?