Report not configured for realtime via API, but available via the UI?



Hi All,

I will provide a little context because I suspect that this issue actually arises from a quirk of duplicating a report suite.

We have a rather large/involved implementation that was done in lets say "suitename-test", and after we were done validating, we created a new report suite "suitename-production" which was a duplicate, while we continued to send staging/dev data to to "suitename-test", "suitename-production" only gets data from the live site.

So, we set up three different reports for realtime on "suitename-test" to test:  event113, event1, and event258.  These worked fine.

On "suitename-production" we set up for realtime reports: event113, event261, event262.

If I go to the UI inside analytics, and look at the realtime reports, the data is there and populating in all three.  However, when I try and query via the api, only event113 works.  Event 261 and 262 both give me

Error: {"error":"realtime_report_invalid","error_description":"This report is not configured for realtime","error_uri":"https:\/\/\/developer\/documentation\/analytics-reporting-1-4\/errors"}

Out of curiousity, I tried disabling realtime reports completely on "suitename-production", and event113 actually kept working via the API, but data starting zeroing out (i would still get numbers for the time before I turned off reports, but the new time slots were all zeroes).

Interestingly, though the API was working when it was turned off, the actual view inside the web UI would no longer let me access the reports and prompted me to enable.

After re-enabling, the realtime reports interface is again collecting data, and I can see event113 data in both the API and the web UI, but event 261 and 262 both sitll work only the web UI.

What gives?

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Thanks Kaushalendra​.  We were able to use this GetRealTimeSettings call to prove that the API was broken in this case, it is currently escalated to support.