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Report Builder-Report total of a dimension along with values for each dimension


Level 2

Is it possible to define a report builder report that reports as follows? For this example, assume there are just three Marketing Campaign values.


Day                                  Marketing Campaign                     Visits

10/27/2021                          All                                               1,000

10/27/2021                          Organic                                          700

10/27/2021                          SEO                                               200

10/27/2021                          SEM                                               100



Gene Godin

Walmart ecommerce - Marketing Web Analytics Team

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Employee Advisor

@Obeah We can easily obtain the last 3 line items in a Report Builder report - just use the dimension and it will list all the values (by default 10, but we can change it to have up to top 50000), or we can also specify filter to select specific Marketing Campaign values.

For the first line item, is it the site-wide visits or the total visits adding all the visits of the dimension values? Is there any difference between the two? You can have total visits using Excel - just fetch the report with specific Marketing Campaign values and sum the rows in Excel. For site-wide visits, we can just use the Visit dimension for the first request (essentially have two report builder requests). My two cents...