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Hi all,


I hope someone can help. I've been searching google with no luck. 

I want to add a segment to multiple requests in report builder. I know you can do this under edit multiple in the request manager, but the problem is it changes all to apply that segment only. I have maybe 15 different requests setup (all with different segments) to update a dashboard, but i want to duplicate that dashboard but a apply a mobile device segment to all the requests.

Hope this makes sense.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Wayne,

There is no fast way to do this in bulk segment-wise if you have 15 different request setups each with different segments. You will have to go in and edit each one and click the Mobile device segment checkbox so that it ANDS logic wise in segment filter logic with you existing segment.

An alternate option that opened up with Virtual Report Suites is you could make a new Mobile Device virtual report suite and then your same existing segments could be applied as is. This allows you to skip having to editing each segment logic per request since the Virtual report suite governs the mobile data filter. You can switch the report suite in bulk for all requests assuming it is the same report suite in play for the entire worksheet.



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Answers (1)



There is a way to do this, I know there is because I remember doing it about 2 years ago, but for the life of my I can't remember how.  If you do come across the answer then please let me know as I am currently changing one segment on each report for 324 seperate request on one report I am running, so would really appreciate someone reminding me how I did it last time, thanks