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We are required to configure Analytics in one of our client applications. There are few queries from security point of view could you please help us out on this.

1.      Once Analytics is configured via DTM and the scripts are injected in the templates of the site, is any kind of data sent from Analytics to site (Here Analytics is integrated with AEM)

2.      Can you Confirm that from Adobe no Personal Information is passed to Abode creative cloud as part of Analytics.

3.      Once Analytics in cloud is configured via DTM, if any change in rules, how are these changes published to AEM

4.      Can you Confirm that all interactions for analytics and target will be based on a JavaScript which will be sent to the client browser from Publisher(AEM).

5.      How secure is this Java script which interacts with analytics or target? What information does it contain? What parameters are present within it to identify client?

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Hi Priyadarshini,

Thanks for your questions, i will try to answer them.

1. Analytics does not send any data, it only collects the data and then processes it. 

2. Adobe does not collect any personal information on its own. You can view the privacy related documents here: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/reference/c_Privacy_Overview.html & https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/whitepapers/cookies/cookies_privacy.html

3. Once you publish and approve the rule in DTM, the changes get automatically reflected on the website

4. I have to ask around to confirm this. 

5. I think the documents in point 2 answers this as well.

I hope this helps,