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Pre-set Row Results to (1) in a Freeform Table


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Hey Adobe Community,


I'm trying to nest a dimension within a freeform table to show the top 1 result. Unfortunately, for this particular dimension, Adobe defaults to giving me 5 result rows. 


Is there anyway to preset the result rows to the specific number you'd like? 


Thank you!

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Hey @Muskrat9 


Hope you are doing well!


I haven't seen such feature in Adobe Analytics so far. It's worth writing to Adobe Analytics support to double-confirm on the same.


However, a slightly helpful workaround could be:

  1. Create a dummy Freeform table with any dimension and 1 metric (say occurences) and limit it to 1 row.
  2. Now, right-click on this table and click "duplicate visualization". This way, you can see that a new Freeform table gets created with 1 row only.
  3. Next, you replace the existing dimension by your required dimension and metrics.
  4. Workspace will only show 1 row on any number of "those" duplicated Freeform tables in that panel.

Hope this helps!





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Hi @Muskrat9 

You can change the Rows:1 under the dimension within workspace as mentioned in the screeshot below:



Thanks and Regards