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Power BI and multiple organizations - change active organization


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I manage multiple organizations in Adobe Analytics.

When I connect Power BI to Adobe Analytics, I automatically get one organization but I need to change organizations - how do I "unlink" the organization that my account is connected to so I can get the option to choose which one I want?

Logging out of analytics connector, wiping permissions, or deleting the data source account in PowerBI do not fix the issue.

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Hello @asdruble-lima 


Neither Power Bi Service or Power Bi Desktop can take two logins and change between organizations. You have to log out and then log in again with the other email to change it. 


Hope this helps - https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Service/Switching-organisaton-in-the-portal/td-p/2071751




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Hi Pankaj,


Thanks for the input! I think I was not so clear.


I want to change my organization in Adobe, not in PowerBI.

Once I connect PowerBI to Adobe Analytics, I want to choose a specific organization to connect to in Adobe. My organization in PowerBI does not matter in this case!

However, the list to choose the org does not show when I connect (but I think it did show me the list the first time I connected).

So how can I "remove this link" between PowerBI and the active org so I can choose a different one?