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Percentage Change Calculation with Limits


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I know there is a way to calculate percentage change for a metric between two time periods (e.g. Page Views this month v. Last Month). The way that I do this is to use the "Compare Time Periods" option. However, if I break this down by Page, sometimes I see +1000% because some went from 1 page view to 10. I'm only interested in pages that had significant viewership (e.g. >100 page views). Is there a good way to layer this into the calculation?

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One of the biggest drawbacks of Analysis Workspace is that you can't filter by metrics.

You also can't use segments. Although you can use metrics in segments, the metrics are computed as based on the data received per hit, not as an aggregate.

I think you'll have to run your report outside of Analysis Workspace, e.g. in Excel with Report Builder.