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Page has Entries > Visits


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I'm trying to look at overall visits to a page compared to entries on that page. I'm noticing for a specific page that Entries > Visits, which should not be occurring as only one entry exists per visit. I'm wondering if anyone has seen something similar, and knows why this might be happening or has suggestions/ideas to resolve this. 


Thank you!



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That is interesting... I cannot replicate that....


Question though... are you using the standard "Page" dimension, or is that a custom eVar called "Page" (since the panel title seems to indicate it might be an eVar)?


I also cannot replicate this with my "Page Name" eVar, but I am also sure that my eVar is set everywhere....


The "Entries" metric is basically the first value for the dimension that was set in the visit.. is it possible that your eVar (if that is what you are using) isn't being set on every page, but is also being set on actions that could cause the strange data?