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Hi All, 

Our mobile app developer is sending the trackAction call when clicked on the CTA button. But he is also passing the partnumbers in the context variables like this : 
Note: [more than one part number is being sent ]

"soldToNumber" : "",

"PartNumber" : " 123, 456, 542",
I have seen the event coming through in the reports. But when I pull the products metric which would give me the partnumbers associated to the above context data. The data is unspecified for the CTA button.

How should I capture the partnumbers ? so that I don't get to see the "unspecified" values in the report when I compare it with its trackAction call. Please help.



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My first thought is that your trackAction call is firing against other CTAs where the PartNumber is not present. Depending on what metric/segments you are using to limit the data in your dashboard, if there are times that a trackAction call is fired but no PartNumber is a part of that action (such as clicking on a breadcrumb value maybe), then you will get unspecified, even if you're using a product variable. The unspecified is just showing you the instances where there was no PartNumber passed.

Do you have a specific event associated with the CTA where the PartNumber is passed? If so, I would suggest using that, and that should get rid of the unspecified (unless for some reason PartNumber isn't always being passed).


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Hi Mandy,


Yes, we are passing the specific trackAction call on click of the CTA. Also, we have the context data in which part numbers are being passed (i.e more than one part number). When creating a dashboard with that particular CTA and breaking it down to see the partnumbers, that's where it is showing unspecified.