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Order Count Discrepancy


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I'm having trouble with the order counts not matching up in real time. When I checked the order counts from an hour or two ago, they didn't match the data in our backend. Also, if I compare the orders from today to those from a couple of days later, the count increases. How can I be sure that the hourly order counts are accurate and which ones are incorrect? Additionally, when I compare them to last year's data, the hourly report doesn't seem right either. Can you help me with this?

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Workspaces don't have fully real time data... Data still has to process, and I assume that larger sites would have a higher rank when it comes to processing. Also note that maintenance on the system can cause additional data processing delays. 


However, the data you collect with Adobe is never going to match exactly with your orders database. Adobe is a web analytics package, as such it has to adhere to "do not track" directives in browsers, manual opt-outs if you have implemented that option for users, and is subject to Client Side blocking techniques, meaning that your Adobe Order data will always be less than your backend.


Web Analytics is about watching trends and collecting data around that to correlate patterns. It is not designed to be used as a way to see absolute values.