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Only After Sequence - valid definition required


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Can anybody help me with this segment?
I'm trying to examine the hits that happen after Source=chat, but I'm getting a valid definition error.

This segment works when I make it a visit-based segment, but I don't want the whole visit, I only want hits after a specific evar value is set. Will the visit based segment provide only partial visit data, only after a certain value is set?

I'm guessing this sequential logic can't occur on a single hit... what's the best way to build this segment?

Thank you!

After chat.png

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Since this is a "sequence" you need to set the segment to Visit level... you can't have two separate "then" items on the same hit.


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Sorry, I should add, I get that you don't want the entire visit... but THEN cannot be used on a hit.

Trying to build segments like you want is tricky....

Event the use of "After Sequence" includes the last action of the sequence...

Basically, there really isn't an easy way to get JUST the sequence or the one page following the sequence.....

That said, you can try playing with the new "Next or Previous Item" panel, maybe you can add "source = chat" as the dimension, then this panel should show you the immediate action / page following your specified dimension?

Good Luck



First, in the "Hit" container, you cannot use "then" because then also means another hit.

What is the reason that you don't need to include "Visit"?

It looks like using the container "Visitor" is also helpful for this issue


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Unless "Source" is being set on a action after the page view? I don't know how their site is set up, I assumed that if they were using "Then" they truly meant to use it.... but you could be right.. IF their Source eVar is being set on the page view, then AND would be the correct operator.