Occurrences and Page Views in Adobe Analytics

sanketd28 12-11-2018


Could anyone please help me understand in which case or scenario, Occurrences and Page Views are exactly equal?

Is it because of some configuration set by us. What wrong am I doing here.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


hi. you're not doing wrong anything, it's a question of the metric/dimension you are looking at.

technically "page" is a prop which ONLY can be set on a pageview!  that means, if you are looking at "how many times a page appears in database" (occurencies) it is the same as "how many page views has a certain page" (pageviews).

if you want to count "page views" AND "custom actions" (download/exit/...) for a certain page take an eVar (with at least pageView expiration) for the pagename instead.