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No data related to visitors in AEM site performance overview report


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Hi AA Community,

I tried to look at the AEM site performance report in workspace and everything is getting populated except data related to visitors. Those visualizations are mentioned below.

  • Who are visitors to my site?
  • How do visitors get to my site?
  • What do visitors see and do on my site?
  • How well do I retain my visitors?

Steps to get this report:

Workspace - Reports - Engagement - Adobe Experience Manager - Site Performance Overview - AEM site performance overview

I was hoping how to get this visitors data in site performance report?

Thank you!

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Community Advisor

I see data when I use that report...


By any chance, do you mean the "actual" visualization with the title "Who are visitors to my site?"





This is just a "text" visualization that is being used as a section header within the report (they aren't data visualizations themselves).... The panels under those headings are part of those sections....


Under "Who are visitors to my site?", there are 3 visualizations: "Visits & Visitors", "Device Type" and "Geographical Breakdown"


Under "How do visitors get to my site?", there are 2 visualizations: "Top Referring Domains" and "Top Landing Pages"