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New Data Warehouse Interface and Amazon S3


Level 4

I'm trying to use Data Warehouse (new UI! cool!) But I'm having problems with the UI as I am not able to save to an Amazon S3 bucket.

Here are my steps:


  1. Go to Data Warehouse
  2. Fill Request Name


  3. Build Your Report


  4. Fill out report destination (put in p roper ARN and granted user ARN as well)


  5. Fill out Location and added bucket info


  6. Filled out notification email:


  7. All that but the "Save Request" is still greyed out. 


Am I missing anything? I checked all the tabs for any "*" but still can't seem to save.


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Community Advisor

There seems to be some issues with the new UI... either something is missing, or there is a bug..


I don't have the new UI yet so I can't attempt to replicate... but I've been seeing a lot of issues.. The last few were trying to send to an email address.