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More than 1 context data in t and tl call.


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We have a use case where we need to set some custom values on the t and tl calls post the image request is triggered from the client browser.


So i was wondering if Adobe supports reading data from more than 1 context blocks.


Usually we would see something like this in image request &c.&country=US&.c and we can read the data using processing rules as country.

Now with more than 1 context block in the same call &c.&country=US&.c*eVar1=something&3Var2=Something&c.&isInternal=true&c.


Can we now read both the values of country and isInternal using processing rules ?


We need to know if 


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Community Advisor

Hi @Morish2412 , multiple context variables can be sent, but I don't think that syntax is correct... I am just on my phone, so I will confirm the correct format and get back to you when I am on my computer.


Community Advisor

Hi @Morish2412,


Context Variable syntax basically "bookends" your context variables with "c." (start), and ".c" (end)


So in your original context variable example:





&c. starts where your context variable are being sent, and &.c ends it.


So passing multiple context variables should look something like:



I think in your original you had your Context Variables split up.. while it might work (I've not actually tried), Adobe will combine them into a single area, so I would say it's better and more efficient (and potentially avoid issues) to mirror that behaviour.