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Modify Scheduled Reports


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How do I modify Scheduled File Sends? It allows me to schedule the report, but I cannot see how to adjust it (I checked under Components already -- could it be a rights issue)?

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Hi there are a few places to look, it depends on if the file is a "Scheduled Project" or a "Scheduled Report" (the distinction being that a Project is a Workspace Project vs a Report being a Legacy Report or Report Builder Report)


If it's the first (i.e. a Workspace Project), you should be able to find it under Components > Scheduled Project

When you click on the project name here, it won't open the project, but will open the scheduler for you to modify it.


If you are talking about a Legacy Report or Report Builder report, the direct link has been removed from the menu to simplify it, but it's still available. If you click on Components > All Components, this will take you to a page listing all Component links. Here you should see something called Scheduled Reports.


For Report Builder Reports, I believe you can also adjust the schedule via the Report Builder plugin.


Hopefully this helps you find what you are looking for.


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Hi SheyOGrady,


You can check in Schedule Report Manager that shows the items that you have created.

To access the manager, click Analytics > Components > All components > Scheduled reports.

where you can see the option to change as given below image.


Hope this helps,