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Media Analytics tracking identifier on app


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Latest SDK

Android Analytics sdk v1.2.6

iOS AEPAnalytics sdk v3.0.1

We try to get tracking identifier with function "getTrackingIdentifier" and pass along with other context variable, however with latest SDK, function "getTrackingIdentifier" return ‘nil’ value in both platform. Also, can confirm with Charles log, with latest SDK now we not able to "aid" value.
Note : same function works fine with older version of adk (android v2.1.2, ios AEPAnalytics v2.0) and return "aid" value.


If we are passing the mid value on the analytics calls, but are unable to map it to a variable, will that cause any issues with our data other than not being able to pull an ID into our variables?

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Employee Advisor

@annat10468254 As I understand you want to track MID in a context variable from a mobile application 

Here is the approach


To capture the MID value you would use the method visitorMarketingCloudID found here Experience Cloud ID Service Methods

Then pass this value via contextData in a trackState, trackAction, collectLifecycleData method and then use it in reporting by passing it to an evar through processing rules.


Also there is a out of box data element which can use to capture the value. You can create a data element like this and trigger a rule in Adobe Launch and send the context data