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Media Analytics (heartbeat) start event types


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we are reviewing our video implementation and I want to understand the start event types firing.

Per our current implementation, we fire an ms_s (page view) call and then follow up with media analytic calls.

We fire:

main asset start

main asset aa_start

main asset start

ad asset start (when there is an ad present)

ad asset aa_start

ad asset play (fires every second)

as asset complete

main asset play

main asset chapter_start

main asset play (fires every ten seconds)

main asset complete


I want to understand if this is the standard order of the calls and what is the purpose of the aa_start calls. I read in a document that aa_start calls are quality calls [drops before start], but what would they tell us if they are usually fired after the main asset start call

Also, I think we don't need the chapter start as our content is shortform (plus we are missing the chapter_complete call).


Hopefully you can help!





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Level 4


   aa_start call is fired by internal to initiate Video calls to Analytics. If you look at the timestamp between main asset start call and aa_start call,  they should be very close.  As long as the difference is less than 2 seconds, it will be processed properly.
   It is the client app's implementation if they want to track Chapter info.  When they call chapter start, they should also issue a chapter complete later.

   Another note, Media Analytics (Heartbeat) SDK is end of support,  highly recommend to migrate to Adobe Experience Platform Media Analytics for Audio and Video for Mobile platforms  or Media SDK for JS v3.0.2 for JS.
   Please contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager for more info.

Best Regards,

Calise Cheung