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Low Traffic Threshold in Secondary Report Suite


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Hi everyone


We used to send data to 2 report suites. There were some changes done and since then some of the page data is going into both report suites.


There was a change done in Adobe Tags (Launch)...some things noticed is that Adobe Analytics is bucketing URLs under low-threshold (we already upped the limit).


Below is the issue:

Post-launch, some page names are reaching the 'limit', driving new pages being launched into low traffic threshold


If anyone has encountered this, please let me know if you were able to resolve it ...

would the url length cause this issue? there's a ticket opened with Adobe to see what the cause might be, but we are at a loss internally...



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Hi @SDelazz ,


The URL length would not decide if a dimension value is to be bucketed under the 'Low-traffic' but the number of unique values falling under that dimension (here, page?).


Also, low traffic bucket is something that can't be rolled back, therefore, you are encouraged to use Data Warehouse to run the reports.


The resolution moving ahead:

1. Up the 'Unique limit' for the dimension by raising a support ticket to Adobe Analytics team. (Any increase made to the threshold of dimension (here, page?), would come to action only in the next month - be prepared)

2. Leverage Data Warehouse (Low-traffic messiah)

3. Alternatively, you can define a unique page name for combinations of URLs. At the same time, use another dimension to capture the query string. Low cardinality can makes life easier in dealing with the dreaded Low-traffic. (Smart Implementation)