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Lookup fields difference between CJA and Data Stream


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We are migrating to CJA from AA, due to some reasons, part of the web sites have to stay with App Measurement and thus data are collected in 2 routes to CJA.


  1. Normal Web SDK / Edge / Data Stream for revamped/new sites
  2. App Measurement for old/existing site, so we need to leverage AA report suite and bring data to AEP dataset with Analytics Data Connector (ADC).


When it comes to those lookup fields e.g. operating system, we observe the following behaviour,


  1. Data Stream has a config for lookup fields, e.g. it will lookup operating system from the user agent field, and we enabled this. We saw that the lookup value will be stored in the corresponding field in the XDM schema, see below screen for reference,



  1. For ADC, the OS info will be mapped to the XDM as an OS ID only, see below,




And the corresponding OS Name field will be generated by  CJA as part of the standard Adobe Lookup (and this field path is not part of the XDM schema), see below




Challenges that we are facing,


  1. In CJA, we definitely would have to combine the data from the 2 routes into a single view, but the lookup field path are different, i.e. they are stored in different fields.
  2. The lookup values are different, in this OS Name example, the values from Data Stream does not have the OS version (but we are aware that they have another lookup field called OS Version).


We would like to see if anyone have experience on handling this? What we are planning to do is to create Derived Field and combine the values from the 2 lookup fields, is it a viable option or is there a better alternative?




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Thats right, Some of these can be managed in the data view level within CJA. You could do multiple actions on a dimension/metrics combine other as well. 
As well as that, I have tried to do Component migration from AA to CJA. That really helped me to map the data elements to understand the ADC XDM Schema. 


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Thanks @gmadala 


Derived Fields were created to handle this. But it's a bit challenging, as some of those field values e.g. for OS, it's called OS X from CJA lookup while it's called macOS from the Data Stream lookup, and one carries the OS version in the OS name field while the other have the OS version stored in a separate field. I think Adobe have to standardize this better.