Looking for a way to extract data (segments and an evar) without hitting 'low traffic' issues

chrish93383904 20-06-2019

Hi All,

We were previously using the Reports API to retrieve the data we require, but for busy websites we hit the 'low 'traffic' issue in reports and don't get all the data.

Data Warehouse is usually mentioned as the solution to this but the two options we've looked at don't quite fit the problem:

1) It looks like 'Data Feeds' would provide segment information (in mc_audiences) but only when server-side forwarding is configured.
2) 'Data Warehouse Requests' support the inclusion of evars, but each Request can only reference 30 segments.

Are there other options for us to look at, or do we need to make one of these work for us?


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Are you specifically looking for extracting the value which gets into Low Traffic, for those the only two options are

Data warehouse and Data feed.



Depending on how many values you have Client Care can increase the number of uniques for that specific value being passed.

(Low-Traffic) Logic in Adobe Analytics


Steven Hofheins | Adobe Support


If you are running into "low traffic", you either go with "data warehouse" or "data feed" (as mentioned by others before)

if you have a segment problem, you could try "classification", this might help for "low traffic" as well. read here: https://docs.adobe.com/help/en/analytics/components/classifications/c-classifications.html

according to your description I recommend using the data feed.

I think it is the best way to extract the data as needed...


chrish93383904 21-06-2019

Yes we're looking for the low traffic values. Apologies for repeating myself but it seems that, if all segments for the hit/visit are also required Data Warehouse doesn't support enough segments in one report and Data Feed doesn't have segment information without server-side forwarding (which, as a third party integrator - is out of our control).

Is there any way to get all data out in one daily export?