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Is there a way to create a View Only permission for Analysis Workspace? Don't want users to create any new projects?


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@nrana You would not be able to restrict users from creating new projects, basic access to adobe analytics, would give "create project" option in workspace. 

However, you can restrict the users from the having specific accesses and how they can use the solution




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May I also have a question related to this topic?

If all users in can access adobe workspace and create their own projects it appears that all data within Adobe is easily accessible to all users with an account. Let say that there are specific reports and information that I only want to share with a limited group of people. If all users are able to create their own projects and reports, there is a risk that they will recreate reports and view information that is not intended for them.  It is very important that I can make a clear separation within the workspace between users who can create projects/reports and users who only have read rights to projects and therefore cannot create their own reports.

Is there a solution for this situation?

Thank you!


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@nrana  If you want some users not to edit the project shared with them than you can share those projects in 'Can View' mode with them as shown in below screenshot. But there is no such permission that will restrict the users from creating a new workspace project.