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Incorrect Marketing Channel Attribution - 2 different Marketing Channels for the same URL


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Hi all, I'm in a bit stuck here trying to find where the issue is with some inconsistencies in Marketing Channels.


Recently my company has migrated part of the website to NX (last 2 weeks), resulting in traffic being attributed to Direct rather than Paid.




Some of the URLs are recorded twice, the same CID results in two different Marketing Channels (URL highlighted in yellow is an example, a CID with 'ppc' which should belong to Paid Search, but is attributed to both Paid Search and Direct).



Here are the marketing channel processing rules set up in the Reporting Suite.





Any ideas on how to fix this would be very much appreciated!

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You mentioned that you recently migrated your site.. it is possible that some of these URLs are going through a redirect?


If the redirect isn't passing the referrer through the headers you might be losing your "Paid Search Detection" which looks specifically at the referrer being a known search engine.


However, as I was writing that, I realized you are using "ANY" not "ALL" in your Paid Search Rule....


Since I can't access your data, I am just wondering if there is a chance that your actual "v0" is failing to get set, and allowing the Marketing Channel to miss it?


What if you set your Marketing Channel rule to look specifically at your Query Parameter, rather than the 1 week attributed campaign eVar? I am already concerned that using an eVar set to 1 week (unless you changed the default) could have been mis-attributing data all along....